Franco Zannini’s presentation

Rosanna Basilio is the typical form of the artist in Venice. Theories of art assimilated, revived and reconstructed in a tyradition that is typical of the Venetian Art.

Art that it does not mean just to show culture, in vain, but maintains the intimate and external shape of the object created a joyful, whatever it is, surrounded by the colors, to which a Venetian artist, more than they produce, alludes.

The Venetian color is suggestive. As the distances lagoon yet always brilliant life. Rosanna Basil has varied his life with drapery research in high-style, in the tapestry with precious materials and metals (of which extraordinary effects and color of matter).

But that’s not enough, for years she created extraordinary polychrome glass jars or multiform, almost protean, several times appeared in exhibitions.

And finally, the “unknown” Rosanna Basilio: an extraordinary interpreter of the female nude and still life in watercolor in both graphical and, as demonstrated, in the success of recent exhibitions.

Franco Zannini

Giornalista e critico d’arte