Rosanna Basilio Pavan, Venetian by birth, attended the Art Institute and a course in industrial design in Venice. He taught art of the fabric, again in Venice, from 1961 to 1983. From 1960 to 1964 she participated in several exhibitions organized by ‘Venetian Institute for Labour (see attached list).

In 1960 she won the 1st prize in the regional plan “Industrial elements.” In 1968 she participated in the 34th Venice Biennale. She was the owner of ‘Atelier G: A: R: P (Open Group Research project). In 1978 she exhibited at Courtral. Belgium with Veneto Design. She participated in the Fair of Furniture in Padova in 1987 and 1988. She was present at the event matches over the years 1982-83-84-87-88. She has exhibited at the Milan Fair in 1986 and 1988. She participated in the “Triennale di Milano” in 1987. Also in 1981 was present at the Fair in Dusseldorf. Has exhibited at the Paris Exhibition in 1988. It ‘been featured in solo exhibitions in Bolzano, Udine, Naples and Milan.

She participated in the collections of Lanerossi, Sum, Rubelli, Versace. Sirtori, Hesse. Rossini, Busnelli, Springolo. She created 32 tapestries for the construction of the church of S. Augustine in Genoa. She set up and directed the “Doge Ltd” for the production of small series of tapestries and velvet art fabrics for furniture. Resigned in 1994. Designed tablecloths and bedspreads in cotton for the company Quagliotti spa Chieri (TO) 1995-1996 Designed to society Hesse spa of Briosco (MI) two collections of printed fabrics for furniture. She has made prints on leather footwear artistic Giovanna Zanella in 2004. Designed and built for the company Bevilacqua (VE) velvet fabrics, jacquard velvets and printed on original designs for furniture from 1966 to 2009.

She participated in the following art exhibitions organized by Gallery S.Vidal Scoletta at San Zaccaria, 54 ° International framework from December 2005 to January 2006. Exhibition of paintings, graphics and sculpture in the 56th September 2006 under the Fair from 20 December 2007 to 10 January 2008. She participated in the following art exhibitions organized by the Art Center of Udine Tiepolo. Traditional Fair Framework (eleventh edition) dall’ll to 28 February 2006. “The woman in the art in honor of the Spring” (30th edition) from ’11 to 29 March 2006. Painting Graphics Sculpture, solo sculpture and tapestries 6 to 27 May 2006. “5 meetings of art for Europe” (thirteenth edition) by IO June Alit September 2006. She participated in the “Group Exhibition” in Mirano (Venice) in 2009. “Themes and Variations” art exhibition in S. Leonardo. Venice. Gallery S.Vidal at Scoletta S Zechariah 17 September 2009 to 2 October 2009 “Biennale in comparison” and 2 to 16 December 2009 “Chiusura Biennale ti Confrorito.”